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Before I get started I want to make it clear that I hate cheesy “click-bait” titles. But if you fell for it, I’m glad you’re here! Have you ever looked and your business plan, or strategic objectives for the year, and thought to yourself; “how does this help improve my city?” Most of the business owners I work with never thought to ask such a question. Cities are so peculiar… they’re a machine that hums in the background of your daily life, and over time you don’t even hear the noise. The problem is that most of us become numb to our environment, we grow accustomed to the way things are, and forget to think of ways to make them better. The truth is that anyone can make their city better. The sub-truth… is that the truth can be monetized. Do people become wealthy and then give back to their city, or did giving back to their city make them wealthy? I argue the latter. Here is my quick and dirty heuristic: looking out for your community makes you wealthy.
To be a business that directly gives back to the community you need to think about the following: Who can you hire, Where is your brick and mortar, Who can follow you. Hire upstanding people who need work. Rent space or buy from someone who is proactively developing new property in your city, not from the passive rent collector. Start a business that other businesses in the area need. Think about how your existence in the community might provide meaningful supply or demand of a product or service that didn’t exist before. Now that you brought “it” to the city, what new companies might be able to flourish? With new companies comes new jobs, with new jobs comes increased population, with increased population comes more money for more products and services.

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